+++ Work in Progress +++  // LAST UPDATE: 07.03.2020


Dig a new riverbed and bring a dry desert valley back to life.

Current State

Global Game Jam 2020 project: Viva La Riveratión

Install instructions

Global Game Jam 2020 Prototype:

Download - Unzip - Execute


VLR_GGJ2020_prototype 21 MB
VLR_GGJ2020_source 138 MB
VivaLaRiveration_LATEST 21 MB
VLR.apk 20 MB
VLRalternative.apk 20 MB


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Cool idea, here's my take on it so far:

Pros: Neat Graphical Style, good Mechanics, not very buggy at all.

Cons: The 'Next level' moving is painfully slow, and the load/unloading of dirt should move a little faster.

Musically, mixed feelings. Like the general style of what you were doing, but the 'digu digu' should maybe on some actual instrument. Other than that, very nice prototype!


Thanks for your feedback. We take your recommendations for the further process to heart! Hopefully you will look at the progress again in the future.

And my mouth is an actual instrument ;D